Masculine Scent collection

Immerse yourself in a world of captivating aromas specifically designed to evoke the spirit of strength, confidence, and sophistication. From smoky and woody notes to hints of leather and spice, each candle in this collection embodies the essence of masculinity. Whether you seek a moment of relaxation or wish to enhance your surroundings with a touch of rugged elegance, our masculine scented candle collection is here to ignite your senses and elevate your experience on a journey of extraordinary olfactory delight.
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Luxe & Style collection

A sophisticated collection of complex, deep, exotically rich notes such as sandalwood, tobacco and musk.
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Living Is Easy collection

Where relaxation and good vibes reside
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BDSM collection

The most tantalizing candle collection that binds and blissfully teases your senses!

The BDSM Collection is sensory overload that provides the perfect ambiance for your intimate moments with a variety of scents to rev up your lover's drive from the first whiff. Seductively-scented candles that arouse your sensual and adventurous side for those special intimate moments. Each candle encapsulates aromas of passion tied to your pleasure. Ignite your desires to keep things sizzling by utilizing its warm virgin coconut soy wax in the skin. Take your date night to a new level with the ambiance of a candle that will take your sexy night from 'ooh' to 'aahs' all night long.

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